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Faster Downloads

Let your players experience a better experience playing on your server! Fast downloads decrease your servers load time making your users choose your server instead of the ones using normal slow downloads.


The service is completely free and available for everyone! If you enjoy the service, consider donating to help with the upkeep of the service.

Community driven

All of the downloads are moderated by the community and filled by server-owners like you, the most common maps and other resources are already available, but you can suggest more files to be added for a better experience.

Global reach

All downloads are cached by Cloudflare, that means that the downloads should be equally fast no matter the location of the player, even loading the map from the server closest to the player. If Cloudflare havn't yet cached the resource, it will request the file from our main storage using cloudflares super fast connections and our servers capacity the file will be available super fast anyways.